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Your Next Adventure: Explore Miami in Style with Clutch Exotics

Thinking of visiting the “Cruise Capital of the World”?

After New York, Miami is the second largest tourist destination for international travelers. The Port of Miami is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world hence earning the nickname “Cruise Capital of the World.” But what makes it so busy and can you actually have fun in such a busy place?

Let’s find out-

The state's capital, however, can also be discovered from a different angle as a picturesque city filled with historical monuments and artifacts.

At Clutch Exotics we want you to have a taste of luxury, having an exotic car ready for you with a chauffeur when you land at the airport will only make your trip more memorable.

If you want to spend the day outing or you wish to go on a road trip, a rental car makes the day outings to locations like Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, Key Largo, or the Miami Seaquarium on Virginia Key much simpler if you're vacationing in South Beach.

Amazing Key West can be reached from Miami in around four hours, so you'll definitely need a rental car. Having the liberty to travel at your own pace and getting to travel in style with your own luxury car rental? This can make all the difference to your trip. Here are 5 reasons to consider Clutch Exotics for your next luxury car rental. Although it seems like a long drive, it is wonderfully picturesque and is an excellent diversion from Miami. The Seven Mile Bridge provides breathtaking views of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Visit little communities along the way, sample the seafood and relax.

Think about how placid it will feel while you drive your Lamborghini Huracan with windows down and enjoy the serene view.

In addition to having such prestigious museums, South Beach is also well-known for having a large number of art galleries, which are present almost everywhere but tend to cluster around Lincoln Road. Lincoln Road is a South Beach pedestrian-only boulevard that is lined with a variety of shops, numerous sidewalk cafes and a never-ending stream of both locals and visitors.

You always have an option to roll up in your Ferrari to the Drive-In Cinema.

This isn’t all Miami has, we saved the best for the last!

As throngs make their way to the numerous restaurants lining the streets, South Beach is the starting point—the velvet line that everyone wants to cross. This is also precisely why it is one of the most prestigious places for people to enjoy the waves on their yachts.

A variety of parks near the beach, such as South Pointe Park, provide unique events to make beach going even better here. This park near the southernmost point of Miami Beach was recently refurbished and offers breathtaking views of cruise ships passing by as they head out to sea.

Speaking of the sea you can also rent a yacht for your private party or a chill vibe.

Don’t worry we won’t leave you hanging just at that, here’s a blog for How you can get the most out of your Luxury Yacht Charter.

A private boat rental is a customized getaway geared to your needs. Your crew will have the chance to customize the charter.

Your chef will create special food and your skipper will plan your voyage. You will be asked about your hopes and objectives for your charter when filling out your preference form.

You can book your yacht rental here.

Your Next Adventure awaits- Explore Miami in Style with Clutch Exotics.

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