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Why Exotic Cars And Yachts Are A Must-Have For Your Florida Vacation

It's time to go back outside and have some adventures as the world starts to open up again. We all deserve to decompress, unwind and indulge in the finer things in life. Arrive in elegance in Miami. Give yourself the vacation of a lifetime to South Florida.

Clutch Exotics has everything you need to enjoy a South Beach getaway. Your stay will be luxurious thanks to our unique rentals. Plus, with our help, you can make sure to hit all the top spots in the city. Do Miami right with a great luxury rental car as you explore this world-famous city. Here are some of our tips for how to have a luxurious Miami vacation.

Miami is one of the busiest cities in the country and is known for its energy. Nothing compares to a beautiful, sunny South Florida day in this land of perpetual summer. To see everything the city offers, take a drive through it. Take your rental vehicle out on Ocean Drive for the authentic Miami experience. Beautiful beachfront, renowned eateries, hotels, and more may be found there.

Head west across the bay to the Wynwood when you want to escape Ocean Drive's traffic. This area, which is home to the Wynwood Walls, features some of the most stunning street art in the entire world. The Design District and Little Havana are two more well-liked neighborhoods. Drive south on U.S. 1 to locate possibilities for sightseeing outside of the city center.

Miami has many wonderful streets, while Ocean Drive gets the most attention. Take your rental vehicle out into one of the city's well-known routes to take in the breathtaking scenery. The numerous causeways in Miami are a mainstay. These provide amazing views of the downtown skyline to drivers as they traverse Biscayne Bay. Miami's causeways are an ideal site to display your property, best experienced during a beautiful sunset. You can also take a leisurely drive around one of the city's picturesque neighborhoods. Old Cutler Road and Main Highway in Coconut Grove are two options.


Miami offers some of the top restaurants in the world since it is home to so many diverse ethnicities. At Oceanside's News Café, you can get breakfast any time of the day. Enjoy great South Asian cuisine and a distinctive environment at Komodo. Visit Papi Steaks if you want the best piece of meat the city has to offer. Visit Swan in the Design District for meals made with regional ingredients.


The plethora of nightlife alternatives is another aspect that is distinctively Miami. The clubs in South Beach are some of the best in the world. Miami's nightlife is unmatched by any other American city.

Are you looking for hotspots with the best VIP options and an outstanding atmosphere? You can discover renowned clubs like LIV and Story in Miami Beach. These places draw some of the most well-known celebrities in the world and are sure to be fun.

Festivals are something that Miami always has something going on, no matter the time of year. There are events in the city almost every weekend. Discover festivals for anything from food to film to music. We missed out on so many of our city's favorite events the previous year. Make sure to stop by when they return since they will undoubtedly be better than ever.


Without some time spent at the beach, no trip to Miami is complete. The best oceanfronts in the nation are found in South Florida. Although South Beach gets much attention, the entire coastline is covered in stunning white sand. Drive about in your exotic rental and discover the numerous wonderful beaches Miami has to offer.

If you want to improve your experience, try renting a yacht from Clutch Exotics. Take one of our magnificent yachts out on the water and enjoy it in style. These are well equipped with the best amenities. Enjoy the good life while making memories on the sea. Visit our online yacht collection and get in touch with Clutch exotics for further details.

We specialize in providing top-tier luxury boat rentals to popular locations. To provide you with a fantastic boat rental experience, Clutch Exotics can locate the ideal yacht rental for you. In all we do and everything we deliver, we prioritize serving our customers. Clutch Exotics helps to create exceptional yacht vacation experiences.

With Clutch Exotics Miami, find and reserve your opulent fantasy yacht. View all of our stunning yachts that are available for rental for any event or special location first. Plan your function or holiday aboard a private yacht next.

Make your vacation memorable with Clutch Exotics!


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