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What Makes Rolls-Royce So Extraordinary?

When a base-trim entry-level model commands a price tag well north of $300,000, you know you’re shopping in the world of high luxury. Such is the case with Rolls-Royce, a brand renowned for elegance and durability. Rolls-Royce is often chosen as the ride for the world’s elite. In fact, some early models were designed exclusively for royalty.

Rolls-Royce vehicles are handcrafted from roof to road with meticulous attention to detail. With far fewer than 6,000 cars sold per year worldwide, it’s difficult to overstate the prestige associated with owning a Rolls-Royce. The body shape, quality and luxury, and the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament are iconic pieces of an iconic whole. Rolls-Royce designs their cars to be the perfect luxury vehicles, and most would argue they hit that mark.

Below are a few facts to further illustrate what makes a Rolls-Royce deserving of the praise:

1. Durability:

Upwards of 65% of all Rolls-Royce vehicles ever made are still on the road today. Sure, there are lofty maintenance costs, as with any luxury or exotic car, but that comes with the territory. The fact remains that most Rolls-Royces will outlast their owners.

2. Hand Craftsmanship:

Rolls-Royces are the product of hands-on attention, regardless of if it was purchased off a lot or custom-ordered nose-to-tail. Each vehicle is truly, literally made by hand by a team of 60 or more highly skilled technicians at the facility in Goodwood, England. The frame is synchronously hand-welded, the leather takes weeks to add to the interior, and the wood veneers are cut, processed, and shaped from a tree specially selected for the vehicle, and so on. Rolls-Royce has a single technician solely dedicated to hand-painting the pinstripes with a squirrel-hair brush - no other individual in the world does this particular job. The only job not done by human hands is the body paint applied prior to the pinstriping.

3. Materials:

Rolls-Royces are moving works of art, befitted only with the materials that make it such. For example, only the highest quality leather is acceptable for Rolls-Royce, and as with most materials going into the vehicle, it undergoes a rigorous quality selection process. The leather selected does not come from vendors; rather, Rolls-Royce works alongside a network of farmers raising bulls under ideal conditions to make excellent quality leather. Imperfections are removed, no matter how minor, and the leather is only deemed fit for use when standing up to the most extreme of conditions.

And that’s just the leather; Rolls-Royce takes great lengths to source the best woods, materials, colors, and engineers to put it all together.

4. Driving Experience

Ask a driver what it's like to drive a Rolls-Royce and you’ll often hear “It’s impossible to describe,” “You need to experience it for yourself,” and a multitude of other platitudes. They’re right, but cliches won't do here, so we’ll try. Rolls-Royce makes cars that are big, heavy, powerful, and smooth, and drive like a cloud on the road. Speed bumps and potholes might as well not exist, so gracefully does the RR glide over them. On paper, each model hits 0-60 in under 6 seconds, but the driver does not feel nor hear that v12 power thanks to the ultra-quiet interior and the smooth, steady, and confident acceleration. If you want vroom vroom speed, look elsewhere. If you want a smooth, quiet ride in an unparalleled and roomy interior - you’ve arrived.

5. The Ride

You won’t see many in the know calling dibs on the driver seat in a Rolls-Royce. The manufacturer predominately designs its vehicles with the passenger in mind, as most owners historically hire chauffeurs. The same aforementioned smoothness, silence, and comfort that the driver experiences is amplified for passengers in the rear. The rear bucket seats are equipped with all the amenities of a top-tier luxury vehicle, and then some depending on the model (such as door close buttons, built in screens, a starlight roof, and even refrigerated champagne glass holders). All-in-all, there’s a reason Hollywood stars and royalty choose to cruise around in a Rolls-Royce.

6. Prestige

As with many exotic or luxury cars, you’ll turn heads and garner attention whether you like it or not. The difference, however, is it won’t be done with the roar of the engine, bizarrely angular shapes, or flashy acceleration. What you’ll have instead is an exquisitely crafted vehicle that exudes prominence, grace, and confidence. Many who know the price tag can only admire the car you’re driving or which VIP is in the back - or they can rent from Clutch Exotics.

7. The Rest

The limit to the bells, whistles, and details that go into a Rolls-Royce goes far beyond necessity for this particular entry, but know that the options are vast. Rolls-Royce is fully and completely customizable by the buyer, and the buyer can rest easy (besides the inevitable excitement of waiting for it to be delivered) knowing they're getting what they’re paying for.

For all the reasons listed above, any Rolls-Royce can make a good daily driver. It’s a dream to drive, and a dream within a dream to ride along in. However, there are a few considerations, such as the cost of the vehicle and maintenance, gas mileage, and size and weight of the vehicle to factor into your decision.

Rolls-Royce makes a variety of models, including the Phantom which is designed to be the “ultimate luxury vehicle”, the more balanced, driver-friendly Ghost or Wraith, the Cullinan which is the only SUV offering, or the topless Dawn which is perfect for the Miami weather. The experts at Clutch Exotics can help you choose which vehicle is right for you!

Contact Clutch Exotics for all your exotic car rental needs in Miami, FL, and follow Clutch Exotics on social media and YouTube using the links below.

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