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Preparing for your Miami Yacht Rental

Chartering a luxury yacht is one of the premier things to do in Miami, and Clutch Exotics makes it easy. Just fill out the forms on the site, confirm your payment and details, and soon you could be enjoying your time in Miami the right way: on the water.

But as your day approaches, you and your party find yourselves wondering: “what should I bring”?

Below we'll outline what to expect, what to bring, and what not to bring on your yacht trip.

What to Expect:

When booking a yacht through Clutch Exotics, a few things are included. Charters include a certified captain, a crew, and a host who will be present and ready to handle the finer details of your trip so you can sit back and relax or celebrate worry-free. They will also provide you with water and ice. The yacht will be stocked with water toys and a state-of-the-art sound system for your enjoyment.

Your day starts and ends whenever you'd like it to, depending on what time you and your agent agree upon in your charter rental. Check your reservation details or contact Clutch to verify and confirm where you will depart.

Upon boarding, the crew will welcome you warmly and prepare the vessel for departure. Depending on the itinerary, you'll have a chance to see various iconic sites around Miami, such as Star Island and Nixon Sandbar. The skyline of downtown Miami will also be in full view.

You can cool off in the ocean waters once anchored, enjoy the various water toys, ride jet skis (not included but offered separately through Clutch Exotics), or just relax with or without music. The vibes are entirely up to you.

Should bad weather interfere with your yacht day, you can rest easy knowing Clutch Exotics allows you to reschedule for another day without any extra fees. Cancellation is also allowed and refunded within 24 hours of purchase.

What to Bring on Your Yacht Charter

1. Food and beverages

Most charters do not include food and drink (other than water), but you can feel free to bring your own aboard without issue. Alcohol is also welcome aboard the yacht.

2. Medication

Our yachts are equipped with first aid and emergency kits. However, if you have allergies or conditions, it's essential to ensure you have what you need to avoid any health complications on your trip.

3. Sunscreen

It goes without saying it’s a good idea to keep your skin protected from the Florida sun. Even if it's cloudy, a bit of sunscreen can keep you from future discomfort.

4. Electronics and chargers

Make sure to bring your phones, cameras, and any other electronics you need. You may also wish to bring plastic bags to keep your electronics dry. Lastly, don’t forget the chargers.

5. Identification and/or passports

You should have a copy of your charter agreement/boat papers, as well as your passport or identification to make the boarding process smooth and easy. It’s a good idea to keep these documents safe and dry, but have them available on board nonetheless.

6. Clothes and towels

Keep an eye on the weather, but most likely you'll need light summer clothing. You never know when the clouds might pop in, so bring a jacket or change of clothes as a backup.

7. Entertainment

We’ll provide the speakers, you provide the music. Depending on the group and your preferences, you may also wish to bring books, headphones, board games, or other ways to stay entertained. Or, you can simply relax to the sounds of the waves. Your call.

8. Children (optional)

When chartering a yacht, you don’t need to leave the kids at home. Children are absolutely welcome to enjoy the cruise and count toward your total passenger tally.

9. Miscellany

If you feel as though it’s better to have it than not, bring it. However, check with Clutch Exotics and/or the charter agreement to ensure it’s nothing off-limits.

What not to bring

1. Pets

We love our pets, but unfortunately, we do not allow them aboard our charter yachts. We would hate to see them get seasick!

2. Life jackets

All of our vessels come with life jackets, so it’s unnecessary to bring your own.

3. Emergency aid kits

All of our vessels are also equipped with emergency first aid kids, but be sure to bring any extra medication or particular needs.

4. Anything else already included in the rental

​Be sure to check with your charter agent, the list above, or your charter agreement to receive a comprehensive list of what is included.

We hope you enjoy your yacht charter with clutch exotics. Haven’t booked yet? Booking is easy - just three easy steps. Submit the booking form with contact info and dates, confirm the details with a Clutch Exotics agent, and confirm your reservation. We have dozens of yachts to choose from, depending on the size of your party and your needs.

Contact Clutch Exotics for all your yacht, jet ski, and exotic car rental needs in Miami, Florida, and follow us on social media and YouTube using the links below:

Facebook: /ClutchMiami

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