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McLaren Mania: 15+ Facts You Didn't Know

While Lamborghini and Ferrari get a lot of love from our clients and other car enthusiasts, we can’t fail to acknowledge McLaren as an unsung superbeast among our fleet of cars for rent in Miami. The McLaren brand of hypercars is built on a foundation of innovation, excitement, and willingness to be daring. TL;DR: McLaren cars are really, really fun to drive.

Take a look below at our 15+ facts you need to know about the brand.

History & Racing Roots:

Founder Bruce McLaren established the British company in 1963 as a Motor Racing team, and his entrepreneurial and intrepid spirit propelled the company’s growth to what it is today. McLaren's innovative and technologically advanced road cars embody Bruce's vision and continue to captivate enthusiasts worldwide.

1. Founder Bruce McLaren was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and was a racing prodigy from an early age. He won his first race at 15 (in a car he built in his father’s garage) and joined the Formula One racing scene at just 22 years old, and at the time, was the youngest person to win a Grand Prix.

2. Bruce Mclaren died tragically at 32 in a testing accident at Goodwood Circuit in 1970, but his passion for motorsports laid the framework for what was to be the McLaren brand.

3. Over the years since, the McLaren brand has established itself as one of the most successful racing teams in the history of the sport, winning an impressive twenty Formula One world championships. It is also one of only three teams to have won over 180 Formula One races. In addition, McLaren has received numerous accolades and awards, including the prestigious International Engine of the Year and the World Car of the Year titles.

4. McLaren officially established McLaren Automotive in 2010 as the company’s road car division. Since then, it has produced a range of road-ready high-performance sports cars and supercars for consumer purchase. The company’s expertise in racing has allowed them to transfer tech and engineering knowledge from the racetrack to their road cars, ensuring that McLaren drivers experience the cream-of-the-crop in performance and cutting-edge technology.

5. McLaren vehicles are meticulously hand-built at the McLaren Technology Center in Woking, England. The center also serves as the company’s design and R&D hub.

History of Innovation:

McLaren's commitment to innovation has resulted in several groundbreaking developments that have redefined automotive engineering. Some of those innovations include:

6. McLaren's dihedral (or "butterfly") doors are not only visually stunning but also optimize aerodynamics, contributing to the exceptional performance of their vehicles.

7. In the early 1980s, McLaren pioneered the extensive use of carbon fiber in car construction, harnessing its lightweight and high-strength properties to achieve unprecedented performance and safety standards.

8. The revolutionary (and highly sought-after) McLaren F1 introduced a central driving position, offering unrivaled visibility and an unparalleled connection between driver and machine.

9. After several attempts, in 1998 the McLaren F1 set the record for the world's fastest production car, reaching a top speed of 240.1 mph (386.4 km/h). This record-breaking achievement solidified McLaren's position as a pioneer in high-performance automotive engineering.

10. McLaren's cutting-edge hybrid hypercars, exemplified by the iconic McLaren P1, seamlessly integrate powerful combustion engines with electric motors to deliver top-notch performance with increased efficiency.

Collectability and Rarity:

McLaren's commitment to limited production runs and exclusivity contributes to the highly collectible nature of its vehicles. Each meticulously crafted McLaren represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering, making them prized possessions for collectors worldwide and commanding price tags north of $1MM.

11. McLaren only made 106 legendary F1s, making them highly expensive and rare.

12. McLaren also only made 106 of its limited-production Speedtails, known as the fastest McLaren road car to date.

13. The McLaren P1, the abovementioned hybrid hypercar, was limited to just 375 units.

14. The McLaren Senna, named after legendary F1 driver Ayrton Senna, is a track-focused hypercar, and only 500 were produced.

15. McLaren also offers unique ownership experiences to their customers, including the Pure McLaren program. This program allows owners to safely enjoy these vehicles on renowned racetracks and enjoy exclusive events and access to the world of McLaren.

Fortunately, not all road-ready production vehicles are so rare and limited. Models like the 720S, 650S, and 570S, and many others, can be found nationwide even though they will still cost six figures to own. If you’re interested in driving a McLaren, renting might be significantly more cost-effective.

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