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Living Like the MVP with Clutch Exotics

The Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs will clash this Sunday in one of the biggest events in sports. These days, the Super Bowl is not just about the game; there’s massive production, showmanship, glamour, and flash surrounding it. People everywhere flock together to celebrate, feast and enjoy this annual cultural event. It all seems larger than life, and when the game is over and the score is settled, the game’s Most Valuable Player raises the Lombardi Trophy.

Unfortunately, that particular honor is out of reach for most people and is shared only by a rare few. The MVP experience, though, does not have to be, and if you think you need to be an NFL champion to drive exotic cars and sail luxury yachts, you’re mistaken.

The cars:

It’s easier than ever to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, or your other dream cars through an exotic car rental. Agencies all over the country offer affordable options and daily rates.

While there is an allure to filling your garage with one or more expensive exotic cars, renting, in many cases, is a more sensible option for most people. For example, renting allows you to drive each vehicle without the money pitfalls of long-term ownership, and you’re not committed to only one vehicle (to learn more about whether or not renting is worth the cost or why it makes a perfect gift option, check out our recent blogs on the topic). Clutch exotics even offers Clutch Club, a yearly membership option that allows its customers to access one of the largest fleets of exotic cars in the nation. With Clutch Club, you could be driving a different exotic car around Miami each day.

The Yachts:

Nothing says “championship celebration” like throwing a private party on your yacht, or maybe you want to do something special for your someone special. However, if we’re talking about money pitfalls and investment commitments from owning exotic cars, the case is tenfold with luxury yachts - there are upfront, storage, and maintenance fees that eclipse what you’ll pay for most cars.

Fortunately, like renting an exotic car, chartering a luxury yacht at a daily rate is a more realistic option for most. Clutch Exotics allows you the opportunity to sail the oceans around Miami on one of its various yachts, each uniquely equipped depending on your needs and the size of your party. Your agent will work with you throughout the process to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. If your needs change or you want to plan a few different outings, chartering gives you the flexibility to do so (and if you want a head start determining which yacht is right for you, we have a post for that, too!).

The whole MVP experience:

Cars, yachts, and things are all great, but if you want to feel like the MVP, we’ve got you covered there, too. If you’re flying to Miami, we can have an exotic car waiting for you the moment you touch down with our airport pickup service. To take it a step further, we offer chauffeur services in Miami, as well, so you can chill in the back of your Rolls-Royce or Mercedes worry-free. In either case, our rental agents are diligent in making sure you have everything you need for your rental or charter, and are always available to answer any questions. If you’re going to ride like the MVP, you should feel like one.

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