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Lamborghini Huracán: LP 610-4 or LP 580-2

Lamborghini is undoubtedly one of the most ubiquitous names in exotic cars. From the very first 350 GT produced in the ’60s to modern-day supercar models, Lamborghini has been making avid enthusiasts and casual car fans salivate for decades.

Since its production debut in 2014, the V10-powered Huracán has become Lamborghini's all-time best-selling model, surpassing the Gallardo and contending with the rapidly rising Urus. As with all of its models, Lamborghini produced multiple variants of the Huracán, including the LP 610-4 and LP 580-2. We’re going to help you decode these early-model variations so you can have an easier time understanding which is right for you.

What’s in the name?

Keeping with a recurring theme throughout Lamborghini’s lineage, the Huracán (Spanish for Hurricane) was inspired by the name of a famous fighting bull who fought in 1879.

The first iteration of the Huracán brought us the LP 610-4 and LP 580-2. For your next trivia outing, LP stands for “Longitudinal Posteriore,” which refers to the engine's front-to-back orientation and mid-rear positioning.

The three-digit number after “LP” nods to the metric horsepower of the vehicle (though the number references the PS rating, or Pferdestärke - a German word equivalent to one metric horsepower). So, the LP 580-2 has 580 metric horsepower.

The number after the dash refers to the drive wheels. The Huracán is available in -2 and -4 models, which translates to rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, respectively.

When we connect all the pieces, LP 610-4 means the Huracán is all-wheel drive with 610 metric horsepower and a longitudinal engine, whereas the LP 580-2 is rear-wheel drive with 580 metric horsepower and a longitudinal engine.

Lamborghini also produced an LP 640-4 Performante variant, a higher-power release designed for the track.

Which is better?

It depends on your purposes and preferences. The higher horsepower LP-610 only comes in all-wheel drive. While AWD is not as necessary in Miami as in cold-weather climates, some drivers still prefer having all four wheels engaged and enjoy better handling on rainy days. Other drivers prefer the fun of an RWD setup and might opt for the LP 580-2.

What does Spyder mean?

Each Huracán LP variant comes as either a Spyder or a Coupe. The Spyder simply means the car has a convertible top - which might be for you if you like to enjoy the Miami sun and fresh air.

Are there other Lamborghini Huracán Models?

Lamborghini produced the Huracán LP series from 2014-2019 when it was supplanted by the updated Huracán EVO (short for Evolution). Like the first Huracáns, the EVO is available in AWD and RWD, as well as Spyder and coupe variants. There are also the track-focused STO and the Tecnica, which sits between the EVO and STO, and additional concept, special additions, and motorsport offerings. Each variant lends to the Huracán being Lamborghini’s most popularly owned line of vehicles.

Which models can I rent from Clutch Exotics?

You can get behind the wheel of the LP 580-2 Spyder and LP 610-4 (Spyder and Coupe) by renting from Clutch Exotics. We also carry the aforementioned popular luxury SUV offering, the Lamborghini Urus. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our Lamborghini or other exotic cars for rent in Miami, Fl.


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