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How To Get the Most Out Of Your Luxury Yacht Charter?

The epitome of vacation is a charter aboard a luxurious boat. Everything, from the opulent setting to the meticulously crafted agenda, is created with your comfort and delight in mind. There is no chance that you won't have a memorable experience when some of the most breathtaking locations in the world are waiting for you and a highly trained staff is there to fulfil your every need and whim.

However, since that time is limited, here are some tips for making the most of your yacht charter:

1: Yours and for Yours; Personalised Yacht Charter

A personalised vacation catered to your needs is a private boat rental. Prior to your charter, we will ask you and your guests to complete a preference form. This gives your crew the opportunity to tailor the charter. It has everything you require, including your champagne tastes and dietary needs.

Your captain will plan your route, and your chef will prepare a custom menu. We advise you to be as specific and thorough as you can when describing your likes and dislikes. Although, not everything is about the food. On your preference form, you will be questioned about the dreams and goals you have for your charter.

This includes whether you prefer an active charter with water toys and exploration ashore or relaxing on board and taking in the sun.

Your yacht is the ideal venue for your birthday celebration. You must inform us on your preference form in advance if your guests have a special occasion. Also, let us know if there are particular places you'd like to visit we can surely get something arranged for you.

2: Choosing the right yacht

The key to a perfect charter is choosing the right luxury yacht. Your charter expert will help you choose the right yacht to suit your needs, budget and level of comfort. We will need to know the details of your vacation destination, your desired duration, the number of cabins and your budget for a private yacht charter.

Many yachts will suit your needs and budget but we can help you find the right yacht for you. It doesn’t matter if you're travelling with several couples, sharing the cost equally, or if you're active and looking for a yacht with plenty of water toys. The maximum number of charter guests on most crewed charter yachts is 12. Some mega yachts also allow for extra supernumeraries like a nanny or nurse, security guard, trainer, or personal assistant.

3: Your Chef

Superyacht chefs have mastered their craft and are happy to cater to all your gastronomic needs using only the finest local ingredients. Your menu will be tailored to your tastes and your meals will be timed to suit your schedule. The best and only table at the house is always yours! You can have formal fine dining, al-fresco or sun-drenched barbecues, canapes and cocktails at night, a mid-morning snack, or breakfast at noon. All of these are possible and easily provided for.

4: Family Charters: Think about a Nanny

Superyacht vacations often involve multi-generational families enjoying wonderful family events. The crew of superyachts is well-known for hosting theme nights and managing watersports such as teaching children to SUP, sail, or snorkel. Your crew will give their best to make sure guests are happy. However, they also have full-time jobs so it is not their job to babysit. A familiar face is comforting for your child(ren) and reassuring to you.

5: Make the Most of Your Boat's Amenities

Your Crew will show you how to use the various toys onboard. It gives an excellent opportunity to learn new skills with a knowledgeable crew.

If holidays are about relaxing, a few hours in the Jacuzzi while you enjoy your favourite cocktails may be just what you need. You can also make full use of the multi-media system on your yacht, which allows you to enjoy movies and music in high-quality surroundings.

6: Get Things Packed Wisely

You might choose to live in your swimsuit, sarong, or dress up for a formal occasion. Or, you may prefer to hike, ride bikes, or horseback. It's important to pack light for charter vacations. Keep your clothes lightweight and adaptable for multiple occasions. Also, remember that even in summer winds can be cold so bring jackets or a warm pashmina. You should pack clothing that suits the climate if you are heading to the sun, sea and sand. While most restaurants will ask you to dress casually, some may require more formal attire. Charter yachts expect guests to adhere to the "bare feet" protocol on the boat. Boat shoes are not allowed on deck. Hard soles and heels are a no-no. For onshore excursions, you might want to bring a pair of footwear. Rubber water shoes are a good option if you plan to visit reefs or rocky islands.

Do not forget to bring your travel documents, medications and chargers.

7: Enjoy Your Crew

They are professionals who will treat you like family. Be ready to relax and be treated like royalty. With a crew ratio so high, your luxury yacht charter is like a private residence afloat. This attentive crew is available to provide five-star service every day, day or night. This makes it a private holiday. They are discreet and discrete.

Your crew has a wealth of knowledge and experience. It may surprise you to see their interests and the accomplishments they have made. Many of them have degrees in everything, from marine biology to environmental engineering. There may be artists, masseuses, musicians, florists, or other skilled workers on your crew. They are all happy to share their knowledge and skills with you.

Think of Clutch Exotics for your next yacht rental!

For more information on your private luxury charter, contact us at Clutch Exotics. We'll help you plan the unforgettable vacation of a lifetime. We're always available to answer your questions. Book your yacht rental now.

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