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Going Big: Top High-Powered Luxury SUVs

When we think of exotic and luxury cars, we often think of light, compact speed machines with high-tech amenities. However, in the last decade, consumers have more frequently sought a more balanced pairing of power and practicality, especially when wanting something more exciting on their travels. Fortunately, the world’s top luxury and exotic auto-makers are well attuned to the consumer's desires. The result is a crossover vehicle class that carries the thrill of an exotic with luxurious attention to detail and the spaciousness and utility of the SUV. Below are some of the top Luxury SUVs on the market today.

Rolls Royce Cullinan

The extraordinary nature of Rolls-Royce is well documented, from its incredible attention to detail to its smooth, cloud-like ride. The Cullinan is the only SUV offering from Rolls-Royce. Still, like its sister models, it is truly designed to be the best of the best in luxury offerings. The Cullinan features fine leather seating, lambs-wool floor mats, screens, hand-crafted hardwood, and whatever else you can imagine due to its customizability. If it sounds expensive, that’s because it is, running upwards of $350k or more, a testament to the unmatched excellence of the vehicle.

Lamborghini Urus

We did a more thorough review of the Urus back in November when we added a stunning 2022 Viola Pasifae trim to our fleet of exotics for rent in Miami, Florida. Still, our excitement for this vehicle holds up today. Lamborghini is one such brand that attends closely to the needs of its customer base without losing its Lamborghini DNA. With its still sleek lines and ever-powerful engine, Lamborghini adds a level of utility with the Urus it hasn't previously been able to offer. Check out our full written review here, which links to our video review.

Bentley Bentayga

For all its flash and luxury (it is a Bentley, after all), the Bentayga offers a big step up in utility and space compared to its other models. The price tag is what you would expect of a Bentley, with the Bentayga priced north of $200k, but it also comes with the luxury feel you’d expect. Things like aromatic leather, rich hardwood, and shiny accents come standard, and almost everything is customizable. Seekers of opulence will also be pleased to find features like bottle coolers, a biometric safe, and ambient lighting available in the Bentayga, as well as increased legroom and the ability to hold up to eight or nine suitcases in the cargo area.

Porsche Cayenne

As far as luxury SUVs go, the Porsche Cayenne is often the first choice for savvy drivers. While it doesn’t boast a six figure price tag like some of its peers (though pushing $70k-$100k+ with options), a Porsche is still a Porsche. Its powerful engine, zippy powertrain, and utility capabilities place it among the top luxury SUVs. Drivers will find the Cayenne both satisfyingly fun to drive and tight on the road while having everything required of a workhorse daily driver.

Mercedes-AMG G63

Who would think a box on wheels could have such finesse, power, and prestige? That’s precisely what comes with the Mercedes-AMG G63 and more. Despite its shape, the G63 is capable of impressive physics-defying speed and acceleration. Perhaps because of its iconic shape, the G63 appears fun to drive while remaining incredibly stylish. Regardless of its use as a daily driver or off-road plaything, the G63 remains rugged and capable of anything you could throw at it.

Aston Martin DBX

It may sit a little taller and weighs a lot more, but the DBX is still an Aston Martin through and through. Aston Martin is defined by the meeting of thrill and beauty, and the DBX delivers with a powerful v8 542HP engine and endless cabin customizability and features. However, what the DBX offers that its sibling models do not is utility ruggedness, more functional cargo space, and enhanced towing capabilities.


With luxury, versatility, high performance, and a touch of that BMW engineering magic, the X5 has everything covered. While the X5 is the lowest-priced vehicle on this list ($60k-$70k), it's perennially drawn rave reviews from drivers and pundits alike for its overall well-roundedness, charm, and durability. This crossover will please just about anyone, either as a weekend car, a vacation rental, or a daily driver.

With the top exotic SUV’s on the market, you don’t have to choose between speed, style, and function. Luxury SUVs provide the extra utility and durability that exotic two-seaters can’t. Whether you need more cargo or passenger space or want to explore an off-road path, you don’t need to sacrifice the thrill of the exotic drive for it.

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