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Exotic cars for everyone: How Clutch Exotics is Changing Perceptions of Luxury

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

We have all thought about owning an exotic car once in our lives. If you are here reading this? I’m just going to assume you did. Now chances are you want the experience of having an Exotic Car, the thing is- You don’t need to own an exotic car to have the experience of it.

Maybe you just want to know what it feels like to be in a luxury car, maybe you want to buy an exotic car but are not sure about it or maybe you just want the experience. This gives you a chance to experience what it would feel like to have one, it will help you figure out if you need one or not.

Mind you, when thinking of purchasing an exotic car, many people would like to test drive one. The issue with that last statement is that many dealerships won't let you test drive a quarter-million-dollar car. But with Clutch Exotics you don't need to worry about that. You can simply rent an exotic car we have in the fleet and make sure that car fits you before you make that big boy/girl purchase.

Clutch Exotic has made it super easy for you to bring that dream into reality, with our easy-to-book rental service, we are making it so everyone can at least have an experience of what luxury feels like.

Clutch Exotic isn’t just an exotic car service, we wish to change the perception people have about luxury.

Only the Rich can experience luxury, we cannot because we don’t have the money for it?

Well, now you can.

With over 10+ exotic car brands in our arsenal, we want everyone to experience what luxury feels like.

Do you want a Mclaren? A Bentley? Or A Lamborghini? We have it all.

BMW i8 Roadster starts at just $499 and Rolls Royce Cullinan Starts at $1,899

Do you need a Rental for Production? We got you covered.

Here’s our Process for you to understand it better:

The car arrives and will be delivered on-site, and with an on-site manager during the duration of the rental.

​For renters 21 years or older, the renter must have insurance and a valid driver's license.

For renters under 21, the onsite manager must move the car from one set location to another. If the car needs to be driving for footage, it can be done so for an extra charge.

We also provide consultation for the best sites in Miami and around Florida where you can shoot your video or movies with our cars.

Do you want the Exotic Car experience? Clutch Exotic is where you’ll get it.

Visit the website today to book your first Rental.


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