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Clutch Exotics Looks Ahead to 2023

This time of year is often reserved for deep reflection. How did the world change this year? Did we hit our goals? Do we agree with the endless amount of “Best of ‘22” lists being churned out? We’ll spare you another for consideration and instead say: “Thank You.” It was a rewarding year for Clutch Exotics, from growing the staff to building awareness and more, and we have big plans for ‘23. We wanted to take this opportunity to pause, look back on the last calendar year, and share what’s on the horizon.

Clutch Exotics getting out there in ‘22:

  • Looking for Clutch Exotics near you in South Florida? We should be easier to find. Clutch Exotics started with just one location in Miami Beach, and in 2022 has expanded its reach in South Florida to five locations.

  • We’ve dedicated ourselves to content and were excited to launch our new YouTube channel this year. We publish new videos on the channel weekly where we drive and review new cars, hang with celebrities, or just let you know what we’re up to. Expect more great content in 2023 as we aim to amp it up even more. Additionally, check out more articles from our weekly blog.

  • Are you even a real company if you don’t have swag? Thankfully we don’t have to wonder. We launched our Clutch Exotics Shop this year so you can rep us on your clothes, keys, walls, or pretty much anything else you can think of.

  • More cars = more drivers. We started the year with just eleven luxury and exotic cars for rent in Miami and have doubled that number in 2022. Of course, it’s quality over quantity, but we’re stoked to have more best-in-class vehicles in our fleet to choose from.

  • We pride ourselves on our service and what we offer to clients, and we expanded our service offerings in 2022.

    • Our new vehicle management program allows exotic car owners to make passive income by partnering with Clutch Exotics.

    • Clutch Club gives short-term lease options and a range of vehicle choices to renters, all for a one-time payment.

    • Our Jet Ski Club gives renters access to up to 6 hours of jet ski rental per month for a one-time fee.

    • Lastly, we’ve expanded our corporate events offerings, so contact us if you have a corporate event coming up!

  • We sponsored Rolling Loud Miami! Rolling Loud is one of the largest hip-hop festivals in the world, boasting an impressive mix of artists, rappers, and MC’s from all over. In June 2022, the festival came back to its roots in Miami. The festival was held at Hard Rock Stadium and was headlined by Ye, Future, and Kendrick Lamar over three days. You can check out our experience with the event on our vlog here.

  • We sponsored Art Basel! SkateBird Miami hosted Art Basel’s four-day music and art festival in December 2022, presented in part by Clockwork Music. The festival brings together diverse artists representing all elements of Urban Hip-Hop and Reggae culture, from art and dance to emceeing and live concerts, as well as youth arts and activities workshops. Clutch Exotics was proud to be involved in the event as one of its Miami sponsors.

  • We participated in a charity event hosted by the incredible Chai Lifeline Southeast Chapter. Chai Lifeline’s unique programs and services help bring joy and hope to families and communities dealing with loss, illness, or crisis. Clutch Exotics rolled out the Chevrolet Corvette and Lamborghini Urus to bring the exhilaration of an exotic car ride to children in need.

After a year of growth, we look ahead to keeping it going in 2023. Here are just a few of the things we’re working on:

  • Rolling Loud was everything we could have hoped for and more, and we aim to be a sponsor for the second year in a row in Miami.

  • The Liv Golf season will be coming through Miami once again, and Clutch Exotics is working on sponsorship opportunities.

  • We’re building our new HQ and Warehouse with a showroom in South Florida. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

  • Look for our fleet of exotic and luxury cars to continue to grow as we add new vehicles.

  • We’re adding even more offerings and services to our clients:

    • Vehicle buying and selling options (more to come on this soon!)

    • Expanded customer loyalty programs

    • Storage options

Thanks to our friends, clients, and partners, we look forward to continued success in the new year. Follow along with Clutch Exotics on social media and YouTube using the links below, and contact us to book your next exotic rental in the Miami area.



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