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5 Day Trips From Miami, Florida (and Their Exotic Car Pairings)

Miami is one of the United States’ most beautiful and economically and culturally rich cities. Whether vacationing, visiting on business, or living locally, you’ll find no shortage of places to check out within the city limits. However, for the adventurous and curious, dozens of worthwhile trips can be made in less than a day from Miami. Don’t just make the drive, though, do so in style. Check out five of our favorite Miami day trip destinations and exotic car pairings below.

Drive time: Approximately 1 Hour

The Everglades National Park is a jaw-dropping 800+ square miles of natural habitat and subtropical wilderness. Located just an hour’s drive from downtown Miami, visitors can explore the park in several ways. Guests can see a good portion of the park while cruising the scenic Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41) without leaving the comfort of their car. One of the top experiences at the Everglades is taking a high-speed airboat tour, or visitors can explore the waterways by canoe or kayak. Camping is an option for hardcore nature lovers, but most visitors opt for exploration via the numerous maintained walking paths. Regardless of touring method, visitors are often treated with sights of protected flora and fauna and wildlife such as egrets, manatees, alligators, and even the rare Florida panther. Make sure to drop by one of the park’s visitor centers, learn more about guided tours, and, depending on your route, make a stop in the cozy town of Homestead on the way in.

The Mercedes-Benz G-63 “Wagon” couldn’t be a more aesthetic or practical option for your trip to the Florida Everglades. While you likely won’t be doing any offroading (and we don’t suggest you attempt to), the technical specifications of the G-Class superstar won’t have you bemoaning less-than-ideal terrain. The adventurous G-63 has more than enough interior room for passengers and gear and has enough technology to feel modern and engaging. A sporty driving experience contributes to making the trip an all-around pleasure. Besides, there’s possibly no better backdrop for the G-63 than the massive acreage of marshlands and natural terrain within the Everglades.

Drive time: Approximately 90 minutes

Miami is home to some of the most desirable beaches in the country, but a strong contender lies just a short drive up Florida’s East coast in West Palm Beach. A vacation hotspot, visitors enjoy the incredible food, culture, and, of course, beaches. If white and gold sand beaches are your destination, check out the popular Delray Beach or any number of other bustling public waterfronts. Beyond soaking up rays, West Palm Beach offers a smaller-city vibe than Miami with all the big-city fixings. Those looking to break from the sun and give the brain a workout can spend a day at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society, Norton Museum of Art, or Ragtops Automobile Museum, among others. Antique Row, Rosemary Square, and Clematis Street offer unique shopping experiences. Lastly, stunning natural and curated habitats are abundant, from the Mounts Botanical Garden to Okeeheelee Park.

Even though it’s less populous and dense, driving in West Palm Beach is somewhat comparable to driving in Miami. With WPB being another cultural hive, the bright and powerful Lamborghini Huracan Spyder (convertible) is the right car for the trip. From the scenic drive up the coast to the grid-like roads of West Palm Beach, you’ll have no problem getting around in an LP 610-4 or LP 580-2. Unsure of the difference? We got you covered.

Drive time: Approximately 2 Hours

The tree-lined and glamorous town of Naples may have a garish reputation, but it has a TON to offer travelers looking to spend a day on Southeast Florida’s “Paradise Coast.” Most ideal for couples and families, Naples boasts over 700 restaurants dishing out the best food Florida has to offer, and many are also serving up some of the best waterfront views imaginable. Vacationers enjoy exploring beaches, botanical gardens, and state parks (including the nearby Everglades National Park). Shops and museums are also in high-supply, meaning you’ll never run out of activities. Lastly, avid and hobbyist linksmen alike will flock to Naples to golf at one of the many famous 18-hole courses. The “Paradise Coast” climate is ideal for a day at the shops, dining out, hitting the links, or just taking a stroll and enjoying the scenery.

You won’t regret taking the Rolls-Royce Dawn on your day trip from Miami to Naples. Rolls-Royce is known for being the pinnacle of luxury carmaking and delivers on its reputation several times over. Mostly handmade by the finest materials and with a confident frame and smooth ride, any Rolls-Royce will turn heads and make you feel like a celebrity, even when touring through the elegant neighborhoods of Naples. As a bonus, we recommend the Dawn because it’s the only Rolls-Royce convertible, perfect for that optimal “Paradise Coast” climate. The Cullinan SUV is an equally attractive option if you prefer more cargo space for your golf clubs or are planning a more extended stay and have luggage.

Drive time: Approximately 90 Minutes

Like much of South Florida, Key Largo is a warm, sunny, and popular vacation destination filled with lots of memorable ways to occupy a day (or several). The first of the Florida Keys you’ll encounter on the route from Miami to the lower Keys, Key Largo is its own destination with abundant food, culture, shops, and resorts. The real attraction is some of the most fascinating and picturesque botanical scenery and underwater sights Florida offers. Key Largo is home to the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock Botanical State Park, and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Snorkeling and parasailing are also popular activities for ecotourism adventurists, and in the unlikely event one gets restless, hop back in the car and continue down the jaw-dropping Overseas Highway that connects the Florida Keys via 42 bridges.

Coined by Lamborghini as the world’s first “Super Sport Utility Vehicle,” the Urus is an aesthetically sharp and scintillating choice for your trip towards the natural splendor that awaits. Equipped with four-wheel drive, massive 22-inch tires, and 641-horsepower, the Urus can handle just about anything it encounters. The Urus is also a highly utilitarian vehicle, boasting 21.75 cubic feet of cargo space to fit whatever you’ll need for your day/night/weekend exploring the Keys. We can’t fail to mention just how comfortable and engaging the Urus is to drive, especially if you do end up making the lengthy hike to the further reaches of the Florida Keys. Check out our full Urus review here or contact the experts at Clutch Exotics for more info.

Drive time: Approximately 4 Hours

Orlando isn’t too far away if you need a break from the Miami vibes or your ideas for family fun compel you elsewhere. The 250-miles from Miami to Orlando is admittedly a longer trip than the others on this list, but makes up for it with an abundance of things to do once there. The big draw for many tourists is Orlando’s reputation as a theme park and resort heaven. Orlando is home to Walt Disney World, Epcot, Sea World, and Universal Studios, and Legoland is nearby. Like Miami, state-of-the-art museums and animal attractions are everywhere in Orlando, as are dining options and shops, but that doesn’t make exploration from one city to the next an exercise in redundancy; Orlando is very much its own place worth visiting. If family adventure is on the agenda, your plate will overflow with activities in Orlando.

A longer trip, and one which might include a few passengers, requires the right car for the journey. The BMW X7 offers the superior size, comfort, and technology needed to take the edge off the few hours there and back. Quiet as a whisper on the inside and performing like a dream, the X7 is the perfect chariot to take you and your family to whichever Orlando destination awaits, themed or not. Travelers might also opt for the tighter, more performance-focused BMW M5 Competition.

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