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2022 Lamborghini Urus Review

Lamborghini has always been defined not only by its history and what's under the hood but also by its artful aesthetic. With its elegant, sharp contours and precise lines, a Lamborghini in any profile is a visual masterpiece.

The brand’s first SUV offering, the Lamborghini Urus, deviates from the traditional low-clearance, dagger-like mold without entirely breaking from its DNA. Still sleek, powerful, and living up to the price tag, the Urus adds layers of utility not previously offered in the Lamborghini lineup.

Last month, Clutch Exotics welcomed the 2022 Lamborghini Urus in the stunning Viola Pasifae color into its fleet of exotic cars for rent in Miami. Clutch Exotics CEO & Founder, Rob, reviewed and drove the Urus as part of our growing YouTube channel. We encourage you to check out the video above to catch some additional details about the Urus up close; otherwise, we’ll revisit the review below.

From the Outside

A five-door Lamborghini? Yep! The apparent difference between the Urus and a model like the Huracán is the size, but that doesn’t mean the Urus lacks style or firepower. The pearl basecoat of the Viola Pasifae factory paint is a striking shade of purple and immediately captivates the eye, especially when reflecting the Miami sun. The contours of the Urus are sporty, with satisfying grooves on all sides. If the lines (and sounds - more on that later) weren’t enough to convince you of the car’s brand legitimacy, the vehicle is adorned with the Lamborghini badge on the front and Lamborghini proudly spelled out on the rear. Black, 10-spoke rims and black quad exhausts sticking out of the back bring the look of the car together. The Urus is a pleasure to look at and more than earns the badge on its nose.

On the Inside

On the inside, the Urus boasts 21.75 cubic feet of cargo space, making the Urus great for a family or single person to use as a daily or weekend car. The interior coloring is black with beautiful white stitching, and with its spaciousness, sitting in the Urus is like sitting in a spaceship. The out-of-this-world comparison doesn’t end there, either.

In front of you, the steering wheel, dash, and console are decorated with an assortment of utilitarian panels, buttons, levers, and screens. Lift the red spaceship switch in the center console and hit the start button and the Urus roars to life. The first of the screens now lit up in front of you is your home screen, where you’ll control your radio, media, telephone, navigation, and other settings. Sensors on the front and back of the vehicle communicate with the display to show you not only the standard backup camera, but a bird’s eye and an interactive 360 3D view so you can safely see what’s around you while maneuvering out of tight spots. The second screen, below the first, has all the comfort settings you’d expect, such as the AC, heated seats (which you probably don’t need in Miami), or cooled seats (which you might want instead). Buttons on the steering wheel can be used to switch music, answer calls, and control other settings of the vehicle easily.

Above you, the panoramic sunroof can be slid back with the touch of a button to let the light in or opened completely to capture a breeze.

To your right is where the Urus’s interior stops being like that of an extreme luxury SUV and starts being that of a Lamborghini. A combination of the gear shifter and the paddles behind the steering wheel engages the driver even when exiting a parked position. You’ll see the toggle for the different sport modes - strata, sport, and Corsa - which open the valves to unleash the power of the Urus. The other lever controls the axle, the steering wheel, and the suspension, depending on your driving preferences, further engaging the driver.

There are three seats in the back of this particular model, while other Urus’ may have only two, so bring an extra friend to show off your ride to. It should be noted that each passenger in the car, front or back, has the ability to control all their own comfort settings.

Under the hood

The 2022 Lamborghini Urus is loaded with a twin-turbo V8 that pulls up to 657 horsepower and runs 0-60 in under 3 seconds depending on your sport mode. As mentioned above, the three sport modes in the Urus are strata, sport, and Corsa. While strata and sport are more appropriate for daily driving, the Corsa mode makes the Urus track-ready by opening up the engine and delivering the full power of the Urus.

The chosen sport mode also affects the car's sound. In any mode, idling or driving, the Urus sounds incredible. Enhancing to sport or Corsa only amplifies the roar and is sure to turn heads in your direction (head to 1:44 in the video to hear it for yourself).

The ‘22 Urus is expected to get between 14 mpg city/18 mpg highway depending on sport mode, but it looks, sounds, and performs too well to worry about that.

On the road

The Urus is sexy inside and out, sounds great, and drives beautifully. You feel the power behind the wheel, while also feeling completely in control thanks to the tight handling and smooth ride. For more power, you can switch sport modes without missing a stride. Whichever mode you choose, you’ll be driving in extreme comfort because of the detailed design of the car’s interior. Side cameras and lane departure warning sensors are just a few safety features that make driving the Urus an easy, luxurious, and thrilling experience.

Final Verdict

Overall, Lamborghini built a beautiful SUV that is highly desirable and is a fan favorite at Clutch Exotics. The 2022 Lamborghini Urus looks, sounds, and drives like the exotic it is, with added utility features and cargo space that can come in handy. While the price to own is in the realm expected of the brand, renting doesn’t break the bank and is available through Clutch Exotics.

Contact the experts at Clutch Exotics for all your exotic car rental needs in Miami, FL, and follow Clutch Exotics on social media and YouTube using the links below.

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