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Miami is the most popular city in the State of Florida. Here you can find absolutely any type of entertainment. Just like in the popular Hollywood movies, there are you will see the tall palm trees, bright colored buildings, great weather, and of course hot models walking around Miami Beach. If you are driving a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, you will perfectly fit into the sexy atmosphere of this beautiful city.


Miami has an exotic nightlife full of hot venues and celebrity sightings, and in order to keep up with this lifestyle while you’re here, a vehicle like Lamborghini is almost as essential as the right suit and tie combination. Clutch Exotics is ready to answer all your questions, help you select your care suited to your needs, and (if required) set you up with one of our professional chauffeurs.

Miami Beach is a favorite for a lot of Miami’s guests, and since it has some of the most tropical weather systems passing over it, a convertible is key. Miami’s most iconic bridge, the MacArthur Causeway guides you from downtown Miami to Miami Beach and there’s nothing like feeling the heart-pumping power of the Ferrari while cruising over Miami’s crystal clear ocean water.

Image by Joe deSousa


Renting the right car in Florida is essential to enjoy the seaside cities, long stretches of highway, and warm weather. Clutch Exotics makes sure that your exotic car rental, jet ski rental, yacht rental, or slingshot rental, whether it be a chauffeured vacation trip or a business class drive, is going to be remarkable.

If you want to enjoy a tropical climate, then Florida is the place for you. Enjoy the year-round warm climate that has helped make Miami, one of the state’s largest cities, a tourist favorite. Because of the state’s warm climate and extremely long coastline, convertibles are one of the more popular car options.

In addition to tourism, Florida has many thriving industries. You may be visiting Florida for a business trip and for pleasure, but while you’re here, optimize your time to take advantage of Clutch Exotics’s chauffeurs, and Clutch Club programs.


We offer Chauffeurs that have a wealth of knowledge about Florida and know every single in and out there is to know about Miami’s streets. We also know people on vacation sometimes love to shop and the Cadillac Escalade also works for the busy shopper who needs a lot of loading room. Whatever your business or pleasure is while in the sunshine state, Clutch Exotics is ready to assist you in your exotic car reservation.

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